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Buying Process

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What we pay

We Buy Gold at upto (price per gram)
9k Gold 14k Gold 18k Gold 22k Gold 24k Gold
$18.70 per Gram $29.22 per Gram $37.50 per Gram $45.83 per Gram $49.85 per Gram

Prices updated daily

A final costing and payout total will be provided to the customer upon presentation of the item being sold.

Final payout rate is dependent on factors such as quantity, item/jewellery condition, alloying composition, etc.

The price we pay for gold, silver and platinum depends on three main factors:
  • 1. The spot price of gold, silver, or platinum

    The spot price of gold is set by a global standard and fluctuates daily. We constantly monitor the price of gold to ensure you’re being paid the highest value for your item. Our competitive payment rates for gold, silver and platinum are displayed in the graph below.

  • 2. The purity of your gold, silver or platinum

    When you visit our store we will calculate the exact purity of your item within seconds, using advanced XRF technology. Gold purity is usually expressed in Karats (K), ranging from 24K (99.99% gold) to lower numbers such as 10K (41.7% gold). Silver purity is commonly found at 92.5%, classifying it as “Stirling Silver”. Platinum items are usually identifies as PT900 or PT950, which indicates the metal is either at 90% or 95% purity.

  • 3. The weight of your gold

    We will weigh your item in front of you. Our scales are calibrated daily and weight values can be displayed in grams or ounces (whichever is preferred by the customer). There are many standards used to express weight of gold including Pennyweight and Troy Ounce. Regardless of which standard is used, the weight in grams will remain the same.

Gold Spot Price
Silver Spot Price
Platinum Spot Price