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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers.

I’m not sure what jewellery I have – is solid or gold plated, silver or platinum?

When you come in for a valuation we will immediately identify what your jewellery is made of.

A few identifying features which can look for by yourself:
Gold Plated items are commonly stamped with GP, RG, OG, GO, EP, HGP, HGEP
Solid Gold items are commonly stamped with 8ct, 8K, 8kt, 333, 9ct, 9K, 9kt, 375, 10ct, 10K, 10kt, 416, 14ct, 14K, 14kt, 585, 18ct, 18K, 18kt, 750, 21ct, 21K, 21kt, IV, 875, 22ct, 22K, 22kt, 23ct, 23K, 23kt, 965, 916, 24ct, 24K, 24kt, 999
Silver items are commonly stamped with 800, 925, stg sil, sterling
Platinum items are commonly stamped with 900PT, 950PT, Plat.

How do you determine the purity of my gold?

We calculate the purity of gold, silver and all other precious metals using advanced XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) technology. Our machines are all manufactured in the USA and produced highly accurate readings. Many gold buyers still use outdated acid tests which can result in inaccurate gold karat readings. For example, you may be selling 19K gold which the acid test will identify as 18K (due to it’s limitation of calculating purity as 9, 12, 18, 22 or 24K). Our XRF machine will determine the purity to 0.01% (e.g. 19.05% Karat). This ultimately translates to you being paid the correct value your gold.

Can I sell broken gold?

Yes! We will happily accept any broken gold items – damaged rings, tangled bracelets or necklaces, broken earrings, etc. It doesn’t matter what condition your gold is sold in – you will be selling the items for it’s gold contents and not for the brand or design.

Do you purchase other precious metals?

Yes, we also purchase silver, platinum and palladium.

Can I mail my gold to you? I cannot visit your CBD store.

Definitely. Many customers prefer the convenience of simply posting their gold items to us (registered post please!) and receiving payment by bank transfer. Once we receive your gold we will calculate market value and provide you with a quote. Once accepted, money is transferred same day to your nominated bank account. Please contact us for more details about posting us your items.

Do I need identification when I sell my gold?

To sell your gold you must be over 18 and have photo ID, e.g. Drivers Licence.

How will I get paid?

Most customers prefer to be paid in cash on the spot. We also offer direct deposit to any nominated bank account.

How can I organise a Gold Party?

Hosting a gold party can be a fun and financial rewarding event! Once of our experienced assessors will attend your event, value you and your friends’ gold and provide immediate payment. All in the comfort of your home whilst sipping on a glass of wine. Contact us for more details about hosting your private gold party.